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Our Programmes

Activity Weeks

Though excitement and adventure are essential elements of every SOEC experience, the start point for building a programme is recognising what outcomes the customer is looking for. Is the priority to build confidence, develop team communication skills or increase independence? In this way we ensure that our programmes provide both thrills and the personal development that customers take with them into the wider world.

Activity Weeks At A Glance

  • Programmes can be entirely flexible, varying in duration, location, group size and objectives.
  • A number of our tutor staff have a background in education and teaching and so can readily devise programmes directly relevant to the curriculum if required.
  • Our tailored programmes can include a range off-site activities such as kayaking and climbing and on-site activities such as rope challenges and flying fox.

Learning Outcomes

Programmes are specifically developed to deliver the learning outcomes requested by the group but can include:

  • Environmental awareness and eco-literacy
  • Team-building and leadership
  • Self-reliance and the ability to self-review
  • Risk management and judgment skills
  • Curriculum for Excellence capacities i.e. successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors