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Information for Teachers

SOEC has been welcoming school groups to its Centres for many years and our programmes and facilities have been developed with this in mind.

Curriculum for Excellence

Activity programmes are fun and popular with children and adults of all ages but they also have learning outcomes which are directly related to the Curriculum for Excellence’s four capacities of successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

Attainment Challenge

There are many ways in with Residential Outdoor Learning provides a real boost for schools in their work to meet the Attainment Challenge.

Teachers need to evidence where a pupil is on the attainment continuum and to observe the use of knowledge, skills and understanding in different contexts.  Residential Outdoor Learning provides new contexts, different surroundings and challenging activities for pupils to apply knowledge and skills developed in school.  Read more

Teacher Taster Visits

At SOEC we often host taster weekends for teachers from schools who have not visited us previously. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the activities, check out the accommodation and classrooms and sample our healthy eating, first class catering. If this is of interest then please contact us.

Healthy Living Award

One aspect to the residential that teachers consistently rate as important is the food.  We know that young people active in the outdoors over several days need to be properly refuelled.  Meal times are also a great opportunity for SOEC to endorse the messages schools put out about healthy eating.

All our Centres hold the Healthy Living Award demonstrating our commitment to providing you with high quality food during your stay with us.  We will continue to make improvements –if there are any changes you’d like to see, please let us know.

Free Play at SOEC

In 2013 we looked into the concept of Free Play.

Observing the thousands of children and young people who come to us every year, we were able to observe how they start to explore their new surroundings during their residential.  Some rush out to play football while others hover around the accommodation blocks first before exploring the natural areas on site.  For some young people, particularly those from urban areas, this is quite a challenge.

We  worked in collaborating with Inspiring Scotland and Juliet Robertson of Creative Star, to create new opportunities for Free Play at our Centres.  Of course most of our activities will remain tutor-led but in response to the increasing demand to create opportunities for young people to explore for themselves, we will integrate Free Play where teachers wish, into our programmes.

Programmes for Schools

At SOEC we are constantly looking to develop new programmes to support schools. If you have ideas that you would like to share then please contact us.


SOEC produces a newsletter which is designed as a tool to keep teachers informed about issues of interest to them such as the latest evidence of benefits to pupils from outdoor learning, plans to improve your experience and details on offers on SOEC programmes.  If you would like to receive our newsletter please contact us.


A variety of resources including some research papers are available to view and download. There is also a page of testimonials and a section  of Frequently Asked Questions so if this is of interest please check out that section of our website: Resources.